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#oldschool #cartoons @jkinlaw One of the best episodes of Tom & Jerry ever!!!!

Sola Rosa - Promise feat. Olivier Daysoul (Tall Black Guy Remix)

The Promise remix from SOLA ROSA’s coming album, Low and Behold, High and Beyond, finds producer Tall Black Guy operating in a more subdued style than we’re accustomed especially since the original is so upbeat. It works well though with Olivier’s vocals fitting perfectly in the groove, and by the time the beat breaks at the 3:15 mark I promise you’ll be enjoyng the SOLA ROSA ride

Shinjuku: The Film Part 5 Mr. Shi (Subtitles) (by Twistory Studios)

J. Dilla’s Lost Scrolls / Snap Judgment, “The Reunion”

When record store owner Jeff Bubeck buys an old record collection out of an abandoned storage unit, he has no idea what he’s stumbled across. Jeff learns the collection once belonged to the late great J. Dilla, one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time. Along with the thousands of LP’s from Dilla’s personal collection, there is something else that is uncovered, something huge…

Producer Pat Mesiti-Miller talks with Jeff Bubeck and Dilla’s mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey.

Check out the J Dilla Foundation at www.JDillafoundation.org
Some of the music from the recovered tapes is out now The Lost Scrolls, Vol. 1 - EP
J Dilla .

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller


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